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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 55th World Advanced Nursing and Nursing Practice Congress Singapore City, singapore.

Day 1 :

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Karen Eisler has worked as a Clinical Registered Nurse in ICU and Emergency in an Acute Care Hospital in Regina and primarily in administrative positions. She is currently the Associate Dean (Student Services) and Assistant Professor. She has completed her Master’s thesis and doctoral research in Nursing Leadership.


Introduction: Research has demonstrated that quality of care, patient and nurse outcomes are important in healthcare. The goal of the two research projects was to describe staff nurses perception of the quality of care, patient and nurse outcomes and examine the relationship of the variables with the nurses’ perception of their nurse managers’ leadership practices. The first project was conducted in two acute care surgical units and the second project was a year later in a long term care facility.

Method: Two surveys were distributed to all RNs, LPNs and RPNs working full time or part time. One survey was asking for their perception of their nurse managers’ leadership practices using Kouzes and Posners Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) (2013). The second survey captured their perception of quality of care on the unit, staff intent to leave, medication safety and overall patient safety. The data was analyzed in each project and then comparison was done between acute care and long term care results.

Keynote Forum

Franca Tani

University of Florence, Italy

Keynote: The influence of labor and delivery experience on postpartum depression: The role of nursing care

Time : 10:40-11:20

OMICS International Advanced Nursing 2019 International Conference Keynote Speaker Franca Tani photo

Franca Tani is a Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, Professor of Developmental Psychology at the Department of Health Sciences. She is the Dean of the School of Psychology in the University of Florence, Italy. She is also a Scientific Director of the Inter-Department Research Unit on New Social Pathologies of the University of Florence. Her main research interests concern the analysis of the relationships among intra-psychic dynamics and the development of social and relational
competence across lifespan.


Statement of the Problem: In the field of the midwifery and women health, one of the main required competences to provide an efficient nursing care is that of facing the Postpartum Depression (PPD). Actually, this perinatal disease constitutes a relevant risk factor for women, children and families health. Literature has identified several risk factors linked to the PPD onset, such as women’s prenatal psychopathologies, attachment problems, couple relationship quality or perceived social support. Less attention has been played to the role of the birth experience. The main focus of this paper is to investigate the influence of clinical aspects of labor in PPD onset in order to provide an efficient nursing support for women.

Method: 186 Italian healthy nulliparous women (Mage=31.54; SD=5.05) were recruited. Data were collected at two different times, at T1, the day of birth, clinical information regarding labor and delivery were registered from hospital records, modality and length of labor, the administration of oxytocin and epidural analgesia, mode of delivery at T2, one month after birth, the level of PPD was measured using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale. Findings: Data analyses showed that the typology of caesarean delivery and the duration of the administration of epidural analgesia positively affected the severity of PPD. On the contrary, the oxytocin administration, the modality and the duration of labor not significantly influenced the PPD onset.

Conclusion: The labor experience is a relevant factor that can significantly affect the subsequent maternal mood. For this reason,
to foster a positive transition to motherhood one of the main goals of nursing care is providing women a better information about the various possibilities and consequences of labor in order to help them to understand what happens in this important moment of their life.

Break: Networking and Refreshments Break: 11:20-11:40 @ Foyer

Keynote Forum

Gautam Sethi

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Keynote: Targeting transcription factors by natural agents for cancer therapy
OMICS International Advanced Nursing 2019 International Conference Keynote Speaker Gautam Sethi photo

Gautam Sethi completed his Ph.D in cellular Immunology from Banaras Hindu University India. Dr. Sethi joined University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and worked in the area of inflammation and cancer research for his post-doctoral studies. He later joined National University of Singapore in 2008 as an Assistant Professor and is currently leading the Cancer Pharmacology program in the Department of Pharmacology.


Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription (STATs) comprise an important class of transcription factors that have been implicated in a wide variety of essential cellular functions related to proliferation, survival and angiogenesis. Among various STAT members, STAT3 is frequently overexpressed in tumor cells as well as tissue samples and regulates the expression of numerous oncogenic genes controlling the growth and metastasis of tumor cells. The importance of STAT3 as a potential target for cancer therapy and also provide novel insights into various pharmacological inhibitors of this transcription factor derived from Mother nature that can be potentially developed as anti-cancer drugs.