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60th World Nursing Education and Nursing Practice Congress, will be organized around the theme “Scrutinize Latest Innovations and Advances in Nursing Practice”

Nursing Conclave 2023 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Nursing Conclave 2023

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Abstracts in this session will focus on aspects of teaching, learning and assessment of students in the university context. This could relate to student learning, including areas such as international placements, or the pedagogical developments and research aspects of teaching, learning and assessment as they apply to students, lecturers, and health professionals. Examples could involve new methods of teaching or the impact and evaluation of new assessment methods.

Abstracts in this session will focus on student learning experience in practice. This could relate to any aspect of teaching, learning and assessment of student practice and competencies for registration. Abstracts could also relate to preceptors and mentors supporting student learning; development of the learning environment; new models of student placement experience; patient/client engagement in student assessment; and inter-disciplinary learning in practice.

Abstracts in this session will focus on technology, in its broadest context, and the way in which it is used to enhance the learning experience. This includes simulation development, and Faculty/ University laboratories and the rapidly developing field of digital literacy. Abstracts focusing on developments in simulated learning environments, multi-disciplinary developments and the use of social media in teaching and learning are welcomed.

Abstracts in this session will focus on innovative curriculum development and the way in which evidence-based education, and national and international policies for professional practice are demonstrated. This theme includes any innovation or development in curriculum implementation that utilizes research from the clinical learning environment and the student experience. The inclusion of how social and physical sciences have been included in the curriculum to enhance student learning experience would also be welcomed.

Abstracts for this exciting session will focus on work that is designed to promote and stimulate conversation and debate and drive forward cutting edge, contemporary knowledge that advances healthcare education and practice. Presentations will explore the underpinning scholarship, pedagogical innovations, methodologies, and reviews that make a significant contribution to the knowledge base. Exploratory work of doctoral students is particularly welcomed.

Abstracts in this new session will focus on the impact of research, scholarship and evaluation on local, national and international developments and policy setting. We are particularly interested in presentations that demonstrate how people maximize the impact of their work, beyond the academic setting, and influence policy makers, practitioners and other key stakeholders to apply new knowledge in policy and practice settings. Presentations in this theme may include examples that demonstrate how knowledge translation encourages greater collaborations across different sectors, with new and innovative outcomes.

Abstracts in this session will reflect research, development, innovation, policy and practice in the continuing professional development (life-long learning) of qualified nurses, midwives and healthcare professionals. This can include continuing professional development /education (CPD/CPE) developments to further explore and develop skills to keep up to date with current practices regarding patient’s health. Presentations that demonstrate clinical and academic leadership in healthcare education are welcomed. We are particularly interested in programs and creative initiatives that encourage the development of clinical as well as academic leaders and leadership in any field of nursing and healthcare education.